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Work Packages


WP1. Preparation of nanocarbons via CO2 reduction on a laboratory scale

WP1.1 Production of nanocarbons via metallothermic route (NCSR D)

WP1.2 Production of nanocarbons via electrolysis of molten salts  (NCSR D)

WP2. Characterization and optimization of prepared nanocarbons

WP2.1 Physical and chemical properties of prepared nanocarbons (NCSR D, TITAN)

WP.2.2 Optimization of prepared nanocarbons and evaluation of preparation techniques (NCSR D, TITAN)

WP2.3 Preparation of stable nanocarbon dispersions (NCSR D)

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WP3. Pilot production of carbons at the cement plant

WP3.1 Location of the pilot unit at the site of the cement plant (TITAN)

WP3.2 Design study of a pilot unit for the production of nanocarbons (TITAN)

WP3.3 Construction and testing of a pilot unit, production of nanocarbons (TITAN)

Work Packages: Research
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WP4. Introduction of nanocarbons in cements and characterization of composite materials

WP4.1 Preparation of nanocarbon/cement composite materials (TITAN)

WP4.2 Properties of nanocarbon enriched cement mortars (TITAN, NCSR D)

WP4.3 Cost-effectiveness study of nanocarbons' addition to cementitious products (TITAN)


Interconnection diagram 

The diagram shows the interconnections between partners and their activities 


WP5. Introduction of nanocarbons in resins and characterization of composite materials

WP5.1 Preparation of nanocarbon/resin composite materials (MEGARA R)

WP5.2 Properties of solid resins enriched with nanocarbons (MEGARA R, NCSR D)

Work Packages: Research
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